Airport Kiosks Are Helping Airlines Reduce Lines with Self-Service

By Aila Staff

June 13, 2022

With summer right around the corner and the high travel demand, people are ready to venture out again. 

Airports are gearing up for increased crowds, especially as travelers look to begin traveling again after the pandemic. Airport kiosks will play a more prominent role during this busy travel season by providing travelers with options to serve themselves. Like Aila’s Interactive Kiosk, tablet-based kiosks offer several advantages over traditional airport kiosks.

Let’s take a deeper look.

travel kiosk

A modern take on airport kiosks

Unlike traditional airport kiosks built decades ago to perform a single function, modern, tablet-based kiosks can automate different tasks to serve travelers more intuitively. Aila’s Interactive kiosk, for example, leverages Apple’s iPad, which offers a range of benefits out of the box.  

From superior user experience and security to screen resolution and processing power, Aila’s interactive kiosk leverages the best-in-class features of the iPad, giving airlines the ability to deploy a range of convenient self-service options more quickly than legacy airport kiosks. 

Amid the backdrop of labor shortages, the added flexibility and modularity of Aila’s iPad-based airport kiosks is helping airlines provide a consistent customer experience on the devices they already know and love. 

These experiences include: 

  • Check-in: Checking-in has never been easier with our unmatched integrated scanning. It is as simple as scanning a mobile phone or boarding pass. Aila’s interactive kiosk scans over forty-five barcodes, QR codes, IDs, and more, including damaged, blurry, and poorly printed codes making the check-in process simple and efficient. 
  • Print Ticket & Boarding Pass: Aila’s interactive Kiosk can support a range of printers and accessories allowing travelers to print their tickets and boarding passes in advance. Overall this expedites the check-in process.
  • Print Luggage Tag: Aila’s Interactive Kiosk can also integrate bag-tag printers. Travelers can print luggage tags at self-serve drop-off points and then hand over checked bags. Travelers can print, tag their bags, and hand them over in three simple steps.

airport kiosk

Creating a seamless experience with airport kiosks

As more travelers book air travel online, modern airline kiosks help to extend these digital experiences across airports. iPad-based kiosks, like Aila’s Interactive Kiosk, can work with mobile apps, making the user experience consistent across devices. 

By shifting from legacy systems to tablet-based airport kiosks, airlines can also avoid disconnected experiences. The popularity of Apple’s iPhone, for example, makes it an excellent choice for ensuring ease of use for travelers and mobile application consistency for development teams. 

Get the self-service airport check-in solution sheet to learn more about how Aila’s Interactive Kiosk can help simplify the airport check-in experience.

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